A Night to Remember with Sienna Spirits at MCSC’s Elevated Birthday Soirée


In the pulsating heart of New York City, Mykel C. Smith Creative (MCSC) recently orchestrated an enchanting Birthday Soirée for Model & Designer, Laurence Basse, and Influencer, Kimanie Farquharson. The evening was a blend of sophistication, artistry, and flavors, heightened by the exclusive presence of Sienna Spirits and Harlem Baked NYC.

Event Overview

The soirée unfolded in a luxury building overlooking the Harlem River and the Manhattan skyline, setting the stage for an extraordinary experience. The fusion of flavors and artistry served as the overarching theme, transforming the venue into a haven for fashion, art, and spirits enthusiasts.

Collaboration with Laurence Basse

Renowned model and designer Laurence Basse graced the soirée with her presence, marking a significant collaboration. Her return to NYC was celebrated with the tease of an upcoming fashion show during NYFW in February 2024.

Gastronomy and Culinary Overview

Sienna Spirits took center stage, offering a curated selection of their premium spirits—Arizona Reaper, Gentlemen’s Reserve Vodka, and Hidden Treasure White Rum. These spirits, each unique in character, added a layer of refinement and luxury to the evening. The innovative cocktail pairings included a delectable Oxtail Crostini with Arizona Reaper Mango cocktail, Hidden Treasure White Rum Punch, and a Laurence Lychee Martini, each carefully curated drink complemented the fusion of flavors, elevating the tasting experience.

The culinary journey at the soirée was a tantalizing adventure of taste and discovery. Harlem Baked NYC’s collaboration, featuring Arizona Reaper Rum-infused delicacies, added an extra layer of culinary innovation and provided a sweet treat for guests.

Immersive Experiences and Entertainment

The evening was not only a feast for the taste buds but also a treat for the senses. Immersive experiences and entertainment options enhanced the enchanting atmosphere, creating an unforgettable celebration.

As the night unfolded with power renditions, genuine love, and an air of magic, the MCSC Birthday Soirée proved to be a celebration of creativity, friendship, and genuine connections. Sienna Spirits, with its exceptional range of spirits, became an integral part of this extraordinary event.

Join the Journey

Embark on an extraordinary flavor odyssey with Sienna Spirits, where every sip tells a story of redefining spirits and honoring legacy. As we continue to craft exceptional experiences, stay tuned for future collaborations and events that promise to elevate your journey.

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